Why "Captain God-Rock" Rocks Mars
by Bob Singer

....... A new surface feature has been discovered on Mars. Not by geologists, archaeologists or NASA, but by an artist. Although visible in NASA photos for over a decade, the new Martian relief, dubbed "Captain God-Rock", has eluded observers until its recent unveiling on YouTube by Stone, a New York visual artist, musician/songwriter, and producer of the Rock band Dead Last.

....... The 10 minute long video, titled "Captain God-Rock Rocks Mars!!!", while skimming through Man's checkered journey to the stars amidst an eclectic soundscape of Dead Last songs, matter-of-factly informs us that: "The relief sculpting depicts the full figure of a man... He appears to have a mustache, sideburns & a Mohawk.. wearing a button-down shirt, pants & boots... & seems to be vigorously shaking his butt." The outlandish, however, has a way of turning curiously descriptive when the image itself finally appears onscreen.

....... Though a good portion of Dead Last's video presentation is tongue in cheek, Stone, whose art portfolio includes exact duplications of works by such masters as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh, is dead serious, and believes that the Martian relief DID NOT occur naturally. Also an experienced sculptor, his assertion is largely based on what he sees as a remarkable number of supporting elements comprising the image which share characteristics with artistic renderings in realism here on Earth.

....... According to Stone, the figure's outline was established at 1600x magnification, and measures (as per pixel count) approximately 1,072 yards from head to toe (over 10 football fields long). He first spotted the image while viewing anaglyphs (3D images) of Mars online that were created through the joint efforts of NASA, JPL, and Malin Space Science Systems. Images of the discovery, which is located near Mars's equator in a region called "Valleys in Xanthe Terra", were taken by the Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) and released by NASA on October 16, 2000 and October 7, 2002.

....... Should Stone's theory as to the origin of "Captain God-Rock" gain acceptance, mainstream science may indeed feel compelled to re-evaluate present methods of observation and interpretation. In Stone's words: "When all we can do is look from afar, it's reasonable that 21st century scientists, who are expert in analyzing what we discover, share the floor with visual artists, who are expert in interpreting what we see."

....... And if you're wondering how a Martian surface feature resembling a man came to acquire the moniker "Captain God-Rock"; Stone says he named the image after an all but forgotten song he wrote years prior, the only recorded version of which is a demo track made at the time it was written (heard on the video). The song was soon after shelved because the lyrics were too enigmatic and never made sense - until now that is.

an·a·glyph n.: 1. An ornament carved in low relief. 2. A moving or still picture consisting of two slightly different perspectives of the same subject in contrasting colors that are superimposed on each other, producing a three-dimensional effect when viewed through two correspondingly colored filters.

(3D) Anaglyphs of Discovery Location below
View in 3D using (red/blue) glasses

Figure on Mars circled above on a 3D image of the "Valleys in Xanthe Terra" region

Mouse-over the image above to eliminate darkened background

....... According to Stone, the Martian figure's outline is accurate within pixel range, with possible deviations along the figure's right upper forearm and outermost shirtsleeve, which exhibit diminished delineation in the available images. Surrounded by what could arguably be other less defined figures, the boogyin' man on Mars, with his arms outstretched, seems to dance the Tarantella through time.

Mouse-over the image above to eliminate darkened background

Imagination.. accident of nature.. message from another world.. or perhaps a
key to Man's own origins - enlarged above, "Captain God-Rock" takes a bow

View entire Anaglyph here

MOC narrow-angle image M07-03304 & MOC narrow-angle image E12-00248
Used to Create Anaglyph

Credit to: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems;
M. C. Malin, K. S. Edgett, M. H. Carr, G. E. Danielson, M. E. Davies,
W. K. Hartmann, A. P. Ingersoll, P. B. James, H. Masursky, A. S. McEwen,
L. A. Soderblom, P. Thomas, J. Veverka, M. A. Caplinger, M. A. Ravine,
T. A. Soulanille, and J. L. Warren, [093 Xanthe Terra 3D],
NASA's Planetary Photojournal.

To view the images in 3-D, Red (left eye) / Cyan (right eye)
glasses are required. View from a distance of 15" to 28" depending on
the size of your screen, vary this distance to adjust perceived depth.
Closer for less relief, farther away for greater relief.

Featured Interview
Sheri Lynx chats with Stone.. coming (very) soon!

Featured Video
Captain God-Rock Rocks Mars!!!

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