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Captain God-Rock Rocks Mars!!!

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10 Song Soundtrack as it appears on the Video!
Securely download full mp3 (length 9:59)

Songs Include:
Whiskey Sky ~ Victory of the Joust ~ Mother Load
Street Show Sousa ~ Fire in the Room ~ Oh Maybelline!
Cruise Control ~ Folk Sung Hero ~ In the Forest
Captain God-Rock

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Whiskey Sky
Securely download full mp3 (length 4:13)

(Featured on the "Captain God-Rock" Video!)
Don't miss the surprise ending in the full version!
It even surprised us!!

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Red River
Securely download full mp3 (length 4:25)

Recorded live on the road and used as the soundtrack
for a music video that the group released on YouTube
shortly before the last U.S. Presidential election.

The video, titled "UNDECIDED VOTER?", received a
5 Star Rating and over 1,660,600 Viewings in the
few weeks it was online!

(We'll be posting the Video again in the future)

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Cruise Control
Securely download full mp3 (length 5:06)

(Featured on the "Captain God-Rock" Video!)
Repeated listening WILL cause you to
fall in love with Monique!

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LOTS more comin' up!

See the complete listing of upcoming

songs & albums on our Update Page

Below is one of the proposed DVD covers for the
band's collection of "What did I do wrong this time?" songs.
We're still trying to convince Sheri that she doesn't look FAT!

DEAD LAST is "New Classic Rock"!
(Yup.. we have our own category!)

Who's singing and the band's sound varies from song to song.

To be completely honest, ALL the surveys indicate that if you
collect our music.. you'll be the center of attention at parties,
make more money at your job, AND your SEX life will become

But enough about us. Strap yourself onto something & check
out our Free Music Samples so you can judge for yourself!
And just so you know... we're told we can be habit forming ;)

"Sheri is the sexiest woman on earth! DEAD LAST rocks!" -Dave Talbert
(Sheri dated Dave once, about two years ago.. he still calls every week)
"DEAD LAST brings the true meaning of Rock and Roll to a new
generation!" -Steve Messina
(Steve's going out with the drummer's sister... who's very cute, by the way)
"By no means a one-song-band, DEAD LAST seems primed and ready to
pick up where the great rock legends left off!"
-Billy Lang
(Billy owes us money)
"I just got an insider's copy of the first DEAD LAST pre-release, and I can't
stop listening to it! This band is right up there with the best of them!
Sheri - I love you!" -J.J. Morrison
(J.J. had lunch with Sheri last week... that's all we know)
"A winning combination of searing sensuality, timeless charm and a
definitive sound all their own. DEAD LAST has arrived!"
-Jerry Ferrare
(We think Jerry's related to a guy who sells DEAD LAST t-shirts)
"I don't listen to Rock music, but I can tell you that they're a very nice group
of young people... and they practice good hygiene, too ...very important
nowadays!" -our Great Aunt Mildred

As the drama unfolds...
We'll be updating info on the
much anticipated (especially by us)
DEAD LAST Album Release:

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Enter Pangea

Enter Pangea

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The pic of the cool Wurlitzer Jukebox courtesy of Prestige Industries' website.
They also have pinball machines and other neat stuff! Find them on our LINKS PAGE.

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