She does this EVERY TIME we get a new amp!

Since she's a bigtime Corvette enthusiast,
we figured we'd post a pic of Sheri's Vette...
which doubles as Sheri's pickup truck

SHERI playing her '68 Fender Strat.
The original photo used for our Opening Credits Page
(And, yes... the guitar really DOES look that bad!)

Write to Sheri at:

And... she's been known to
talk on the phone for HOURS!

Sheri Lynx wears Ebony's Fancy!

Ebony's Fancy

The Fabulous MONIQUE singing "Cruise Control"
(We had to BOLT the Mic to the floor for her high notes!)

Write to Monique at:

STONE playing an air-conditioned Hammond B3 organ
at a jam session in New York

STONE on the road, jammin' in the dark

Write to Stone at:

This is September.. Sheri's cat. Isn't she pretty?
(Just try not to make direct eye contact)

An old snapshot of the guys doing an acappella thing

Click on Sheri's ruby slippers to get back to Kansas
(We know they're not red... we just like the picture)

Also.. we lied about the birds (above)... That's not really us.
Credit for this great photo which appeared in Natural History Magazine 10/00
goes to Dwight Kuhn; Bruce Coleman, Inc.

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