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Featured Fashion Designer
Sheri Lynx wears Ebony's Fancy!

Ebony's Fancy

Original Artwork by STONE - Limited Printing
24" wide by 36" high - 100# Glossy

#1 in a Series of Collectable "Captain God-Rock" Posters!
In celebration of Rock'n On, no matter WHAT planet you're from!
Get 'em while they last!

Below is Dead Last's "Captain God-Rock" video
explaining how the new figure on Mars was found:

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10 Song Soundtrack as it appears on the Video!
(full length 9:59)

Songs Include:
Whiskey Sky ~ Victory of the Joust ~ Mother Load
Street Show Sousa ~ Fire in the Room ~ Oh Maybelline!
Cruise Control ~ Folk Sung Hero ~ In the Forest
Captain God-Rock

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Whiskey Sky (full length 4:13)

(Featured on the "Captain God-Rock" Video!)
Don't miss the surprise ending!! It even surprised US!!

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Red River (full length 4:25)

Recorded live on the road and used as the soundtrack
for a music video that the Group released on YouTube
shortly before the last U.S. Presidential election.

The video, titled "UNDECIDED VOTER?", received a
5 Star Rating and over 1,660,600 Viewings in the
few weeks it was online!

(We'll be posting the Video again in the future)

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Cruise Control (full length 5:06)

(Featured on the "Captain God-Rock" Video!)
Repeated listening WILL cause you to
fall in love with Monique!

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