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Album Collection #1:
"Captain God-Rock"
Complete songs from the Video sound track

"Whiskey Sky"

"Victory of the Joust"

"Mother Load"

"Street Show Sousa"

"Fire in the Room"

"Oh Maybelline!"

"Cruise Control"

"Folk Sung Hero"

"In the Forest"

"Captain God-Rock"

Album Collection #2:
"Gasoline Soaked Apes in a Jungle Fire!"
(Meant to be shouted out LOUD whenever mentioned!)

"Slow Walkin'"

"Red River"




"Just for Tonight"

"Apple Wine"
(Ballad of the Days)

"Red Roses"

"The Midnight Special"

"Let the Times & the Cities Roll On"

Album Collection #3:
"Upside Down"
Music just too shocking to put on the 1st 2 albums!

"May Fly"

"Dancin' With You Again"
(Jerry's Song)

"At Last"

"Road House Blues"

"You Wanna Try It Again?"

"Night at the Emporium"

"Song of Spring"

"I Had a Dream"

"The Royal Blues"

"Made of Wax"

Album Collection #4:
"Deer in the Headlights"
(We're not exactly sure what it means)

"Steam Roller"

"The Garden"


"Throwing Stones at the Moon"

"Romancing the Gods"

"El Dorado"

"Hail to the Queen"

"Goin' Home"

"Sun Fire"

"The Best for Last"

Album Collection #5:
"DL takes on the Classics!"
(This one could get us into trouble)

"Can't Find My Way Home"

"She's Not There"

"Wanted Dead Or Alive"

"Maybe I'm Amazed"

"Gimme Shelter"


"Wish you were here"

"Voodoo Child"

"Rocky Racoon"

"Third Stone from the Sun"

Featured Fashion Designer
Sheri Lynx wears Ebony's Fancy!

Ebony's Fancy

Featured Interview
Sheri Lynx chats with Stone.. coming (very) soon!

Why "Captain God-Rock" Rocks Mars
Article & Images (all sources listed)

The "The World Street Rag" is now 0pen!
Where YOUR views matter!

Enter The World Street Rag!



Dates & Locations are On the Way!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, don't miss

Sheri's Closet!

Sheri's New Clothing Line to be Unveiled!
(Not for the faint of heart!)


We're Proud to make Available
the Masterfully Entertaining Short Stories of

Evil Jim!

The Band's FAVORITE Humor/Fiction Writer!
(One of Jim's real-life hobbies is Grave Digging...
but other than that, he's perfectly normal...... really.)

Go to Evil Jim's stories from our Links Page!

But that's not ALL!

Evil Jim's Audiosurf GamePlay appears at the beginning
of the "Captain God-Rock" Video during "Whiskey Sky"!
(Last we heard, he holds the High Score too!)

(Click to Go There!)

Muahahahahaha! Muahahahahahahaha!! MuahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Please read it... or we'll never hear the end of it!)

(here it is)

(Just an update from that time we were gone for a while)

The VERY LAST THING we remember is seeing a
"blinding orange glow swoop down directly over the car!"
Next thing we know, we're here... 2 months later
...only now we can move ping-pong balls
floating in a sink with our minds!

Important Notice!

We discovered that the Mystic Eyeball (on our Stuff page) lies.

... and we think it has a mean streak, too!

This was posted a while ago..
we just kept it here 'cause we're sentimental:

Welcome to the Official
DEAD LAST "behind the scenes"
Super Deluxe World Premier Website Debut!!!
(only 4 months behind schedule, too!)
...a black tie affair, attendance by personal invitation only
(unless you're a chick)

DEAD LAST Site moves to its permanent Domain:


(Which wasn't easy!.. We needed 2 trucks and a station wagon!)

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Photo of the 19th century "Renault"
courtesy of The Horseless Carriage Foundation website.
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